Attorney Handles Immigration, Family Law and Criminal Concerns for Alabamians

Experienced immigration advice in Birmingham

At Bingham At Law, L.L.C., our attorneys focus on providing high quality, honest legal representation for immigration matters. Our firm was founded in 1999 and has guided many hard-working and responsible immigrants through the citizenship and naturalization process. We handle family-based visas, business visas, immigration enforcement matters, asylum, deportation, criminal matters and family law matters. Our attorney is a steadfast and motivated litigator who always approaches the court, immigration officials and you with respect and professionalism.

Professional representation for your legal concerns

When our firm represents you, you can expect high-quality, professional representation. When you work with us in an immigration, family or criminal matter, you can always expect:

  • Honest objective advice — Many attorneys think that they are doing clients a favor and guaranteeing continued business by telling clients what the attorney thinks they want to hear. At our firm, we realize that such advice is not productive, and does not help build a trusting attorney-client relationship. We provide trustworthy advice that captures the reality of the situation.
  • We understand the system — Our firm began as one focused on family and criminal law and has provided skilled advocacy for nearly 15 years. Over those years, we have developed a thorough and practical understanding of the immigration system and its multiple levels and layers. We have worked with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and can get answers for you because we understand the bureaucracy and chain of command.
  • Respect for you and your culture — To better facilitate communication, we have Russian and native Spanish speakers on staff. Our attorneys always treat you respectfully and take the time to understand you. We then make the court aware of your strengths and positive qualities when we represent you at hearings.

Strong, professional representation in immigration, family and criminal law

We provide representation for immigration, family and criminal matters. These areas of law complement each other and allow us to take a comprehensive view of your legal situation.

  • Immigration — Our immigration law firm represents people seeking family-based visas, employment visas and investment visas. Our attorney Ellis D. Bingham III also handles immigration enforcement matters and petitions for asylum and refugee status. Our immigration practice provides truthful, straightforward advice in English, Russian or Spanish designed to guide you through each step of the process.
  • Criminal law — Criminal law and immigration law often intersect. Being convicted of certain crimes known as aggravated felonies can make you permanently ineligible to receive citizenship. Therefore, we consider all the consequences before advising you on assault, drug crimes, driving under the influence (DUI), and crimes often committed by university students such as DUI and the possession or sale of marijuana.
  • Family law — Our family law practice compassionately handles the issues and conflicts that hit closest to home. We provide honest and objective advice and representation to those considering a divorce or facing a child custody, visitation or alimony dispute. Our family law practice also assists us with handling related immigration and adoption matters.

Take charge of your future with our representation

At Bingham At Law, L.L.C., we are committed to providing strong representation that leverages our understanding of the immigration, criminal and family law courts. To schedule a free consultation at our Birmingham office please call 888.988.4517 or contact us online.